Hall Research CC-101 Closed Caption Decoder and Text Video Overlay


Product Number: CC-101
Order Code: CC-101

The CC-101 will capture the closed captioning text (CC1 through CC4) , information and then overlay it on the video output. The CC-101 is equipped with a serial port, through which the unit can display user defined text anywhere on the screen. The unit also has EEPROM (internal non-volatile flash memory) in which the user can store up to 10 strings of data and automatically display them either when the unit is turned on, or activate the playback via the front panel. Free Windows™ software is available that allows the user to define and store text in the unit’s memory for playback. The unit has both S-Video and Composite Video inputs and outputs.

Overlays User Defined Text on Video
Decodes Closed Captioning data and overlays it on video
RS232 port for configuration, real-time video text overlay
Free Windows™ GUI software for defining and storing messages in built-in flash memory of the unit for later manual or automatic playback
S-Video and Composite Video inputs and outputs
Front panel switches for selecting closed captioning mode and input selection
Excellent for adding titles to any video
Choice of font sizes and background styles for text overlay
Screen can be Blanked with Closed Caption text displayed 
CC-101 User Manual